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"The Submarine Effect"

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A TV, three night mini-series has be written for this one


                                                      The Submarine Effect

                                                           Copyright 2008




The planet has never been in any danger from us. We as a species can not destroy the earth. What we can destroy is the environment required to support life and on September the fourteenth, twenty seventy-three we came very close to doing just that.


The United States and Canada are the only bastions of free thought left in the world. An electromagnetic pulse fired from two hundred miles above the North American continent leaves us deaf, and blind to what comes next.


A biological missile attack killed ninety-nine percent of the population. The architects of our destruction were certain they had eliminated the last pocket of resistance to world domination. Like many who came before them they underestimated our willingness to defend our way of life.


Following the attack surviving members of our military buried deep underground shielded from the effects of the pulse, and protected from the virus, turned keys and pushed buttons. This did not launch an immediate retaliation. What it did do was send a flash message to our submarine commanders at sea. The message began “The Submarine Effect is activated.”


Three days later our submarine fleet launched a nuclear attack that left most of the planet buried under the fall-out generated by forty-three hundred warheads.


In anticipation of this eventuality, twenty-five years earlier steps were taken to insure our survival. Time has no meaning for Mother Nature as she works her miracles and hundreds of years later our descendants will rise from the depths to face a world that has been transformed into something very different and very, very lethal.


Our adventurers will now risk everything in an attempt to reconnect with the surface the birthplace of their ancestors. Can we learn from our mistakes when given this second chance? The true test will come in many forms the least of which will be mankind's willingness to coexist. The first time around our unwillingness to recognize the right of others to live within their own believes very nearly caused the extinction of the human race. Has this been a lesson learned? Only time will tell.


Norman Ray Fitts

Screenwriter and Novelist


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