Norman Ray Fitts, Screenwriter and Novelist

"Scrolls of Caleron"

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                               Movie Poster
                                                             Screenplay by
                                                          Norman Ray Fitts
                                                            (in production)

                                             Log line to “Scrolls of Caleron”


A man accepts an invitation to visit a kingdom his family was banished from years before and, with the help of a beautiful female warrior, embarks on a quest to save that kingdom from an evil bent on consuming it.


                                             Synopsis for “ Scrolls of Caleron”


The Kingdom of Caleron has long awaited the birth of a successor to the throne. Again this hasn’t happened. The child is born dead and the Queen has died in childbirth. Without a direct blood heir, the King’s second cousin Garion is in line for the throne.


A young man, whose family has long been banished from the Kingdom of Caleron, receives an invitation from King Esmund to visit. Leof is also a second cousin to the King.


Panos, an advisor to the King and an old friend of the family, is less than happy with the prospect of Garion taking power. He knows Garion to be cruel and self-centered. He suggests to the King the possibility of Leof succeeding to the throne. Garion overhears this, and plots to take the crown if necessary.


Leof meets Emma, a female warrior, when she is assigned as his guide on a hunt to the Northern Province. He’s very impressed when she foils an assassination attempt setup by Garion.


At a feast in celebration of a successful hunt a storyteller spins a tale about the Scrolls of Caleron. The scrolls are the key to a fantastic treasure hidden away centuries ago by a people known only as “Those who came before.”


Garion remembers an ancient journal that speaks of the scrolls. With the help of the storyteller to translate the journal he suspects that Panos actually has the first scroll, confronts him and steals it leaving Panos for dead. He intends to acquire and use the treasure to hire an army of mercenaries to take the throne he believes to be his anyway.


Panos survives the attack and convinces the King to assign the task of stopping Garion to Leof. Not knowing Leof, Emma’s father insists that one of them accompanies him. She, against her father’s wishes, steps forward to join him in this quest to preserve the Kingdom. Leof accepts and the King agrees.


Emma and Leof survive an ambush by Garion, and his knights, but are left on foot. Emma, having overheard two of Garion’s men talk of their destination, knows a shortcut. However. It leads through one of the most dangerous places in the world, the Land of Mist.


After almost losing their lives crossing the Land of Mist they reach Garion’s destination after he has already acquired the second scroll, the scroll that leads to the treasure. The keeper of the scroll survives an attempt to silence him and supplies Emma with enough information to determine where Garion is headed.


The race is now on to prevent Garion from getting the treasure and using it to enslave the kingdom. In the end, will what is right prevail, or will evil find a foothold in this world and consume all of mankind?