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"Surviving The Teenage Journey"


By Tori Vigil

 Review by Norman Ray Fitts 


If I were to summarize this writing in one sentence I would say this. “It depicts, on a very personal level, the moral, physical, and the emotional consequences of the unintended or accidental creation of a human life.” That statement could have meaning for women of any age. But this book shows it through the most vulnerable set of eyes of all, the eyes of a child giving life to a child.


   The three or four page introduction in the front could, and possibly should, be published as a stand-alone pamphlet or handout. It summarized everything nicely and leads the reader into the series of events that generates the message intended by the author.


   I spoke with someone who had read the book and the only issue they had was the depth the author took the reader into the author’s personal life. That stayed in the back of my mind as I began to read.


   The message here is very personal and I think the audience it is intended for will quickly identify with the person delivering it. Getting the attention of a fourteen or fifteen year old is difficult at best and keeping it for one hundred and five pages could be next to impossible unless that connection is made. The author has shown a great deal of courage laying out her life for the world to see in an effort to bring home the very serious consequences of an unguarded moment.


   I’ve spoken with the author on several occasions and after reading the book, in my mind, she stands as a shinning example of where a life can go in spite of the seemly insurmountable obstacles created following that unguarded moment.


   One of the things that made this writing work was the blending of the hard facts of life generated by the event, with the very human story being told around it. The author laid it all on the line. No punches were pulled. Where the definition for a certain term was needed it was included in parenthesis following the term. If you have very young children, and are wondering what needs to be discussed at the proper time in their lives, this book can supply the basis of that conversation.


   This is intended for young girls but it should be required reading for the young men in their lives. It answers a lot of questions that otherwise will never get asked. I, after having raised several children of my own, found insight as to why certain things happened. The author certainly allows you to walk a mile in her shoes.


   I highly recommend this as required reading for anyone, child or parent, facing this reality. There are a lot of forks in the road. If you decide wrong, in a lot of cases, you can’t go back. I believe this writing supplies the signpost required to make the decisions best suited for your situation.


   I highly recommend this book.




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